A New Happy Place

Anyone who has known me for more than a day knows that I am in love with sandals and flip flops. Exclusively. My mom once grounded me from wearing sandals for a whole month because Sunday after Sunday I repeatedly wore flip flops to church even though I was told to wear real shoes a hundred times. It was the worst month of my life. Another time she forced me to buy a pair of ballerina flats (of which I picked the softest, most flexible ones I could find) because I was wearing sandals in the middle of winter. I asked for a basket filled with sandals for my birthday last year and I got it! Feel free to repeat that present every year, Mom and Dad.

When there is fear of frostbite I will wear my Uggs (I could not care less if they are in style or not, they are really comfortable) and I will, of course, wear heels if the occasion demands it, but I am never happy about it and you will find a pair of sandals in my purse or car.

Knowing my love of shoes that let your feet breath, paired with my love of a good deal on sandals, Kendall took me to her favorite shoe store yesterday. It is called Top Shoes and from now on that is where I will be if you can’t find me. This store is ridiculous. There are hundreds of shoes, ranging from flip flops to spiky hooker heels, 90% of them priced from $10-$20 with a few thrown in there for no more than $40. Browsing the shelves of trendy, not so trendy, unique, and traditional sandals I was so happy I felt a little silly. I do not enjoy shopping, but I easily spent an hour and a half in this tiny store in Westwood, taking my time looking through the vast selection.

If I was not so uncomfortable in heels (and not so awkwardly tall in them) I would have gotten at least a few of the stylish options they carried. From platforms and wedges, to traditional stilettos and rocker looking, spiked heels, there was a style for every girl you know. Kendall, however, picked three especially hot pairs:

In the end I decided on four pairs if sandals, even though I wanted about twelve.

The store itself is not impressive looking. From the outside you would probably think everything in it is crap. Actually, walking in you would probably think everything in it is crap. It’s not wonderfully organized and it is small and crowded and at times a little smelly. But all these things together make for an amazing place to find a treasure that you will wear with a secret pride at the way you found it for years to come. Plus, it always makes you feel special to answer a question like “Where did you get those shoes?” with, “This little place I found…”. And believe me, people will ask.

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