Lemon and Chianti: perfect bed fellows

Sometimes after work I like to sit at the bar and enjoy a nice glass of wine. I am a copy editor during the week, but I work at a restaurant on the weekends. Do you what you have to do, right? Tonight was not terribly busy, but there was a steady flow of customers and I didn’t clock out till around nine thirty. I ate my employee meal (filet of sol with a white wine and caper sauce over a bed of lettuce, tomato, red onion and cucumber and topped with avocado), and then I felt the need for something sweet. We have really good homemade desserts at the restaurant I work at, and I decided that I needed a lemon bar. I used to hate all things lemon flavored and now I can’t get enough. Like I’ve said before, I change my mind a lot. My favorite red wine that our restaurant serves is a Pinot Noir; smooth, buttery and warm. I normally drink the Pinot, but tonight I had Chianti. Most of our house wines are from Mont Pellier and this was one of them. It is a fresh red with a hint of bitterness, and it was just what I was in the mood for.
Now, I’ve had lemon bars before and I’ve had Chianti before. The thing that is new about this, the amazing discovery I made tonight, was the combination of the two. The tart lemon of the lemon bar and the bitter ending of the Chianti somehow combined together to make a perfect sweet after taste that hit just the right note. It was delicious!

I know more about wine than the average person since it is one of my loves, but I am by no means a wine expert. However, this taste discovery made me feel pretty cool. I can’t wait to try Chianti with other lemon dishes like Chicken Scallopini and Lemon Chiffon cake. I wonder if the taste combination of Chianti and lemon always works. Any insights?

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