Alone At The Movies

Seeing a movie by yourself always seemed a little weird to me. Every time I go to the movies with a friend and see an old man sitting there all by himself it makes me sad and I start wondering if he's there alone because he has no one else, or because his wife died, and that's how I feel about going to see a movie alone. I feel like it's a little sad and pathetic. However, I have friends that see movies by themselves because they like it. They are not sad or pathetic and it made me wonder if I would like it too.

So, a few nights ago I had nothing entertaining to do, I had not done anything recently I wanted to write about, and I wanted to see a movie that none of my friends wanted to see, so I went alone. I went to an 8:30 pm showing of The Ugly Truth at The Grove in my pajamas and with my hair as curly as I could get it (I always feel better when my hair is curly, as opposed to straightening it, and if it turned out to be a bad experience I at least wanted to have great hair). I smuggled in some chocolate and a beverage, picked a center seat in a row that was slightly further back than most people like to sit, curled my feet up on the chair next to me, and did not say a word the whole movie.

When the credits started rolling I got right up and left the theatre, which I always want to do, but I inevitably end up going with someone who needs to know who played "girl at the party", or who wants to see if they put any bloopers at the end. I don't care about that at all and I didn't have to pretend like I do.

It wasn't awkward either. I thought I might feel like a loser sitting there all by myself, not talking to anyone. I imagined people looking at me and thinking, "poor girl couldn't get a date", but it did not matter in the least what anyone was thinking. I know, thinking that people cared if I was there alone or not is pretty egotistical. I apologize for my slightly inflated ego on that subject.

Bottom line, I liked going to the movies alone! I'm the type of person who enjoys doing most things alone anyway, so I should have known I would like this too.

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  1. I enjoy the movies both ways..alone and with friends!...but sometimes i cant find a friend that wants to see the same movie..so i go alone...It's an adventure...you never know who you can meet!...lol...